The most cheerful Carnival of Peru

Songs, dances, beauty queens in flashy dresses and rivers of chicha de jora. The Abanquino Carnival is certainly one of the most cheerful and evocative of all of Peru. Introduced by the Spaniards during the era of the Conquest, it still lives today thanks to the participation of numerous Peruvians who parade through the streets of the city in traditional clothes, to the rhythm of trumpet and percussions. 

The Carnival party begins with the arrival of the Compadres Day, usually on Thursday. These, open the celebrations with water games, foam, talc and the inevitable aguardiente of Pachachaca that is consumed during long marches until dawn.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to dances in the neighborhoods of families who dance around a large tree to which ax shots are inflicted until it collapses. Also the beauty contests that see the Miss of the Year winner are unmissable.
In the following hours, the whole city of Abancay is filled with men, women, children who are anxiously awaiting the choirs, dances and the great carts of the various city institutions. A river of people pours through the streets to drink chicha, spray the foam, throwing water bubbles and above all to be together and experience the joy of Carnival.

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